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Endless Pools Swim Spas

There is only one Endless Pools Swim Spa. Accept no imitation. We are excited to announce that we are now The Endless Pools Factory Authorized Dealer for San Diego County. The Endless Pools section of our website is currently under construction, so please bear with us for a short time. Dont let that stop you from visiting one of our showrooms to see The Brand New Endless Pool Swim Spa. We promise, you won't be disappointed.

Endless Possibilities. Endless Benefits. Endless Satisfaction.

Live The Life You Deserve

Finding enough time to balance wellness, family and fitness is an all too familiar struggle. The gym just always seems out of the way and quality time with loved ones can be difficult to come by. What if maintaining a harmonious balance of personal wellness and family, while saving time and improving your overall quality of life could be achieved in your own backyard? Endless Pools swim spas has made this dream, a reality. That’s right! You CAN have it all.

The Endless Pool swim spa creates a smooth, adjustable current, yielding the ultimate training ground for athletes of all ability levels. Whether you’re trying to shed some unwanted lbs, rehabilitate an injury or just need to swim away your stress after a long day at the office, an Endless Pools Swim Spa could be the missing link to the active lifestyle you’ve always desired. Whoever said, “You can’t have it all” never owned an Endless Pool.

Uses Of Endless Pools


Did you know? Swimming utilizes more muscles at one time than any other exercise! In an Endless Pool Swim Spa, you use the entire body to swim against the resistance of a consistent current. This offers immense benefits not often achieved with land-based exercise. At any fitness level, you will increase stamina and improve strength without adding trauma to joints or tendons. Not only is swimming an excellent cardio workout, its a great way to gain muscle as well as improve muscle tone. Swimming requires intense muscle engagement from head to toe. Your muscular strength determines how fast you’re able to move through the water. With each stroke, your body is not only working hard, your muscles are simultaneously lengthening. This increases flexibility. The waters resistance provides the perfect platform for gaining, building and toning core muscles.If you’re a swimmer looking to improve form and stroke, the additional underwater mirror allows you to self-coach and monitor your technique.For those who are looking for more strength and less bulk, leave the weights on the rack and get ripped in your very own Endless Pool.

Water Exercise

Aquatic exercise provides a wide variety of benefits. When physical activity becomes difficult and painful, it can result in no physical activity at all. Pre-existing symptoms will remain difficult to live with and increase the risk of injury and health issues. Water-based exercise allows you to maintain an active lifestyle without fearing the pain and fatigue caused by most land-based fitness options. Being submerged in water eliminates impact and trauma to joints and tendons. Water up to your waist bears 50% of your bodyweight. While water up to your neck takes on 90% of your total bodyweight. For those who are overweight, or suffer from arthritis or arthritis related issues, aquatic exercise is the answer. Runners are able to use the treadmill without putting pressure on knees. Weighted exercises are easier on joints. Swimmers are able to swim without interruption. Melt away stress and tension with deep meditative breaths as you swim against the current. While you relieve tension, your brain begins releasing endorphins. Endorphins reduce stress and help manage pain levels. Let Endless Pools help you enjoy the active lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Aquatic Therapy

Low impact therapy is shown to be one of the best ways to recover from a fitness or sports related injury. Utilizing the waters buoyancy to eliminate pressure on injured areas contributes to quicker rehabilitation and sustained fitness levels. Not only are you combating gravity, you’re also utilizing the benefits of warm water therapy. Warm water increases your body temperature, which creates dilated blood vessels and increased circulation. This decreases joint pain and increases flexibility and range of motion. For those recovering from an injury or suffering from joint and muscle pain, warm water increases blood flow to affected areas and eases tension. You’ll be able to heal, recover and get back to your peak performance level in no time. For those suffering from Arthritis, the pain and inconvenience is unbearable. With the help of aquatic exercise and warm water therapy, Arthritis patients can achieve the recommended two and a half hours of exercise per week without the fear of joint and muscle pain, fatigue or injury. Aquatic therapy in an Endless Pool could be the key to improving your health and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Triathlon Training

Preparing for a triathlon takes determination and focus. This event requires countless hours of preparation. In order to fully commit to this mental and physical feat, you need to set aside a large portion of free time to get your mind and body ready to compete. You’ll be more than prepared to swim the distance with an Endless Pool as your training partner. Swimming in an Endless Pool feels exactly like swimming in open water. The water stream is more broad than your body, and much deeper than your stroke. Without the need to stop or turn, you’ll be better equipped to swim the full distance without muscle fatigue or cramping. The resistance and current simulates the natural aquatic elements you’ll be racing in. With your busy schedule, setting aside time to train for all three events can be tough. Just think how much training time you’ll save by eliminating long drives to the coast or the over-chlorinated public pool. With an Endless Pool you could complete an entire triathlon in your own neighborhood! We want you to race your best, and live your best. Find the Endless Pool that will get you across that finish line. Your training ground awaits.

Family Fun & Relaxation

We never want you to choose between getting to the gym and spending time with family. Endless Pools has made it easy to combine family time and fitness. Its difficult to choose between making time to schedule your weekly workouts and getting home in time for dinner. Owning an Endless Pool will completely eliminate the excessive amount of time it takes to get to and from the gym everyday. You will be able to walk out to your backyard, garage or basement and get straight to your workout. Just imagine, after a long day at work, powering through your fitness routine with enough time to get dinner on the table or just spend quality time with your loved ones. Not only is it a convenient way to achieve your fitness goals amidst your hectic schedule, its also a great way to have fun with the kiddos, relax with your spouse and entertain guests. Don’t drag the family to a crowded public pool ever again! Enjoy each others company in the comfort of your own home. Some people think you can’t have it all, but we think you can! At Endless Pools, family, fun and fitness join forces.

Open Water Swimming

Long drives to the coast can be fun and relaxing. However, when you want to swim in open water for exercise or training, those long drives to the coast can eat up hours out of your day. In an Endless Pool, you can enjoy the benefits and sensation of swimming in open water right in your own backyard! The high-volume propeller system creates a smooth swim current that is wider than your breaststroke and much deeper than your freestyle. This swim current is completely adjustable in speed. The Elite models top speed of 0:51/100 yards has enough power to challenge the most advanced Olympic swimmers. If the chemical-heavy odor of a public pool is what draws you to open water swimming, Endless has that covered. Due to their innovative sanitation systems, Endless Pools require significantly less chlorine than a regular pool. Even if you decide to keep your pool indoors, you’ll never have to deal with the overpowering smell of chemicals. We want to help you stay active doing what you love. With an Endless Pool, you’ll be able to swim in an open water current without ever leaving home!

Home Locations

  • Backyard

    Backyard installations result in the most stunning projects. Turn your empty backyard space into a refreshing getaway for relaxation and exercise.

  • Deck

    Endless Pools deck installations provide a cost effective location for your own pool.

  • Sunroom

    Installing an Endless Pool in a sunroom allows you to swim indoors with an outdoor feel year-round, taking advantage of natural light and the surroundings.

  • Basement

    At first glance, a basement may seem like a strange place to swim. Many of our customer have discovered basements are a convenient location.

  • Garage

    A garage with a concrete floor represents one of the most accessible, convenient and cost-effective installation options for your Endless Pool.

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